Hello all! I just recently got the opportunity to write a review for a company called Sleeklens about a set of Photoshop actions they sell for landscape photography. If you’re not familiar with Photoshop actions, [...]

Back in February, when my dad and I went to Yosemite, we drove to tunnel view to try and get a time lapse of the sunset. Let’s just say I have never seen so many [...]

I had fun week in Zion with my friend and his parents over Spring Break. On the last night, we hiked up a hill to get away from the road and got some night shots. This [...]

This past week, I went over to Zion National Park in Utah with my friend and his parents. I came away with two thoughts: 1. Zion is extremely beautiful, and it is almost as staggering Yosemite, [...]

The last few times I’ve been out photo-taking, I have really been trying to have a complete understanding of how water looks at different shutter speeds. I usually play somewhere between 1/2 second to about [...]